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Internet Marketing 101 – The Basics


Internet marketing has been around as long as the Internet as soon as people discovered that they could reach millions of people with their marketing messages it became apparent that the internet was the place to be for the marketing


what is Internet marketing


as the name suggests Internet marketing is quite simply marketing a service business place product or department via the Internet.  there are a large number of ways in which someone can market on the internet. in this article, we will cover just a few.


If you’re looking for how to get started with Internet marketing look no further than where you’re reading this from. Chances are you discovered this via a Google search. Google is the largest search engine of them all. When the internet first became popular all you had to do to market your products or services on the internet was simply to produce a basic website such as this one.


Nowadays the scope of Internet marketing has become so complex that ranking a page in Google search in order to get people to your business has become very competitive. This has prompted an entire sub-industry of marketing known as SEO,  or search engine optimisation.


This involves the complex task of fine-tuning a website in order to make it favourable so that Google will rank that site for what is known as keywords. keywords are the search terms people use in Google to find information.


Bear in mind that there are only 10 search results that can be shown on the first page of Google. Needless to say, as the internet has grown, these 10 spots have become incredibly competitive. This has meant people that want to rank their website need to use long tail keywords. I wrote an article on this on medium regarding a builderall free trial


A keyword is a search that fits into a sentence. For example, the word ‘cold sores’ is very competitive,  however, a long tail variation of that might be something like ‘how to get rid of cold sores’. This is a less competitive keyword and is, therefore, easier to rank for.


Other ways to get involved in Internet marketing and SEO is just one. Another way to get involved and advertise on the Internet is by paid search traffic.


Once again Google is the predominant player when it comes to paid traffic. Some others to consider are of course Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Reddit along with some others such as Bing.

This is just scraping the surface of the available ad networks available and the types. There is now a range of traffic vendors exclusively for mobile use. Others to sell ad space on larger websites and so on. This is just another way to view the ‘internet marketing’ world.


So by now, you might be seeing a recurring theme.  everything that has been mentioned so far is to do with Internet marketing tactics.  what is even more important is the strategy for those tactics.


of course, nothing can happen without some form of web presence.  whether that is a full-blown interactive website, a simple landing page, or a sales funnel, a business selling a service or product needs to have some form of web presence. That said, I have witnessed many businesses function with little more than a  social media presence alone.


Many businesses operate solely on LinkedIn alone. of course, this would not be advisable as to if someone wants to gather more information about a business they are more likely to look at their website,  and not just their LinkedIn profile. Still, there are numerous businesses including coaches and service providers that don’t have a full website but we’ll still do incredibly well from their business prospecting on LinkedIn alone.


This should not be an entire strategy however it is important to note that Internet marketing can take numerous forms. To give an indication of some other forms of Internet marketing;


There is influencer marketing where people sell ad space on their Instagram and YouTube accounts. There is also affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, lead generation, software as a service, and many more.

Of course this article is nowhere near extensive but it should help to pave the way for an understanding of Internet marketing and what’s involved in the subject.  we will be covering more details here on this site so stay tuned.

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